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University of Richmond's Fourth Grade Hotlinks

Teaching Virginia Standards of Learning Hotlinks

Fairfax County Links for Fourth Grade
The history, geography, and culture of Virginia from 1607 to the present

Virginia Visions
These pages will teach you about the Commonwealth of Virginia, USA; its history, its people,
its geography, and special attractions. Created by Fourth Grade students in Fairfax County.

Virginia "Now and Then"
This site is excellent and offers almost everything you want to know about Virginia!

Virginia History Timeline
Orange Hunt Elementary School has put together their timeline of Virginia.   It starts with 17th Century, click on the links on the bottom to get to the rest of the timeline.

Virginia History Sites
Colonial, Civil War and Miscellaneous

Virginia Resources from Rockingham County Public Schools
About the Commonwealth, Travel Through Virginia and its History,
Virginia Museums, Geography

Virginia History Lessons from Fairfax County
This course is designed to be a comprehensive 8-week review of Virginia studies.

Virginia’s Indians Past and Present
Extensive resources are provided.

An Interview with Thomas Jefferson
"What do you think Thomas Jefferson was like as a person? What were his interests
and hobbies? Where did he go to school? Imagine yourself as a reporter in 1826,
about to interview Mr. Jefferson. Unfortunately, the former president is quite old and ill.
Out of courtesy, you decide to limit your interview to five questions. Choose the questions
you would ask, and read and hear Mr. Jefferson's own words."

Virginia Pathways Video Series
"Virginia Pathways is an educational video series with print and web materials, produced in association with the Virginia History Production Consortium. The series is dictated by the fourth grade Virginia History Standards of Learning. "

A Commonwealth of Resources in Virginia
Museums, Government, News, Regional, Colleges and Universities,
Education and Recreation Links

Test Your Knowledge...Fourth Grade Social Studies

Virginia Resources from Dianne Marshall at Governor's Best Practice

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