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Anasazi Culture Lesson Plan
"The students will understand the cultural and historical development of the Anasazi Indians.
The students will identify different time periods, cultures, and artifacts about the Anasazi people."

Native American Resources
Includes: Resources, Books, Lesson Plans, Handouts, and Web Based Activities

Native American Links
Extensive resources arranged by category

Native Americans – First Nations
Government and Law, General, History, Culture, Education and Schools, Journal,
The Environment, and Tribes

Native American Sources

Native Americans Project
Click on tribes and nations to find resources.

A Gathering of Cultures: Native American WebQuest

Native Americans of Virginia
Look at what students learned about: Background, Clothing, Houses, Tools, and Jobs
A list of links is also provided.

Native American Internet Resources from James Madison University
"Bibliographies, directories to pages of individual tribes, history and historical documents, periodicals and general links."

Native Americans
This is a great site to use with kids!

A Native American Story Project
Teacher's Edition

Comparing and Contrasting Native American Tribes
Students will study and research two Native American Indian tribes.
Students will compare and contrast tribes based on region, trade, food, shelter, and language.

Native American Worksheets from David Leahy
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