• Created by Paul West
  • Free verse
  • Has a title
  • Uses the familiar ABC’s
  • Focuses on a particular topic chosen by the author/poet
  • Selects words that describe the topic, one for every letter of the alphabet
  • Arranges the words in alphabetical order
  • Poet decides how many words go on each line
  • Poet may use "poetic license" – the word used may not be spelled correctly to fit in the spot, but it sounds like it fits – for example, xceptional could be used for exceptional or xciting for exciting or xit for exit


Astonishingly beautiful
Cold, darting
Exciting frost
Graceful heavens
Icy jewels
Keen lace
Majestic needles of pretty, quiet,   
Raining snow
Turning under
Vibrant Winds

Student Examples:

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LuAnn Slough and students, Manassas City Public Schools